All-in-One Assist Car Handle

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About this item


If you are recovering from an injury, or someone with back pain, knee pain, or hip pain, you need the All-in-One Assist Car Handle.

And when it's slippery outside, it gives you a handy grip so you won't slip! It's perfect for those tall SUVs or low compact cars too.

So stop struggling and get up with ease! And look at this—All-in-One Assist Car Handle has a built-in flash light. These super-bright LEDs can last 100,000 hours!  


  • Nonslip grip is comfortable to hold.Built-in flashlight
  • Gives you the leverage to lift yourself up
  • Forged aluminum construction can hold 350lbs
  • Stores away easily in your door or glove box
  • Gives you a handy grip so you won't slip on those icy days

    Product details:

    • Size: 18 x 11.5 cm
    • Weight: 235 g

      Package details:

      • Package Weight: 0.241 kg 
      • Package Size: 19 x 12 x 7 cm 

        Package includes:

        • 1 x All-in-One Assist Car Handle