Car Seat Protector

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How To Protect The Back Of Your Car Seat & Keep It Spotless All At Once:
Get Yourself A Car Seat Protector & Enjoy Unparalleled Protection!

Do your kids happen to ...
... leave nasty marks and footprints on the backseats?
... occasionally spill juice and other liquids on them?
... kick, punch, push or even scratch the seats?
... love placing their tiny yet dirty shoes on the backseats?

Well, if you are nodding, then you should definitely keep on reading. Prevent food or liquids sipping into your seats. Prevent nasty stains or scrubbing dirt. And even prevent your car from having a foul smell. With Car Seat Protector of course!
The clever mesh pockets attached can hold anything that comes to mind, from snacks, play toys, crayons, coloring books, to baby gear, sunscreen, water bottles, and so many more!
Since it is extremely easy to use and install, it will take you less than a minute to place it on the backseat!


    Extend the life of your backseats and upgrade your car's interior with these wonderful black kick mats. Their waterproof oxford fabric and smooth finish will compliment your car. Protect your seats from scratches, spills, stains, scuffmarks, mud, dirt, and getting worn out. Ideal for those with kids and pets as well! 
    Forget about cheaply made straps and buckles that fall apart quickly. Get yourself this well-designed car seat back protector and save yourself some energy and time. Sweat free installation in less than 1 minute!
    One of the greatest things about these kick mats, besides their durable construction and great car protection, is their multipurpose role. Their 2 mesh pockets will help you store and organize your things and small items. Fill the mesh pockets with anything you want and keep your kids entertained every time you travel!
      Our kick mat organizers are ideal for all types of cars, like jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car of course! Being waterproof it can withstand some heavy duty use. When it's dirty enough, you can toss it in the washing machine and let it do the rest! Hassle free cleaning, stress free interior car maintenance! 

      Product details:

      • Material: Polyester
      • Size: 29.6" x 17.2"
      • Weight: 0.11kg
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      • Package Weight: 0.26lb.
      • Package Size: 19.3" x 13.4" x 19.3"

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